• Laia street reconstruction in Pärnu

    Client Lemminkäinen Eesti AS


  • Wood chip lot 5000 m2

    Client Grenor Trade AS

  • Pärnu Bay Golf (Tahkuranna)

    1800 jm curbstone
    Client Mullamutt OÜ

  • Pärnu - Paide highway reconstruction

    360 jm curbstone, 110 m2 pavement
    Client Nurme Teedeehitus OÜ

  • Sanatoorium Tervis AS (Pärnu)

    1600 m2 pavement, 250 jm curbstone
    The pavement was installed in the parking lot which was partly usable for customers right after the pavemnet was installed

  • Kunda parking lot

    940 m2 pavement (Kartaano paving stone)
    The work was done in 4 days
    Client Santeks Infra OÜ

  • Ahtme Maxima

    1400 jm curbstone

  • Jõhvi Puru road 66

    100 m2 of paving stones
    350 m2 of pavement
    Client OÜ XL Ehitusjuhtimine

  • Liiva village in Muhu

    900 meters of curbstone
    Client Nurme Teedeehituse OÜ

  • Installation of rainwater gutters on a stadium

    Client Vändra MP OÜ

  • Curbstone installation of a stadium

    Client Sahkar TT OÜ


  • Konsum store in Narva

    Curbstone ca 1100 m, pavement ca 1100 m2
    CLient Vändra MPV OÜ Merko AS

  • Part of Lottemaa parking lot in Pärnu

    Client Lemminkäinen eesti AS

  • Reconstructing Laia street in Pärnu

    Curbstone ca 1100 m
    Pavement ca 160 m2
    Client Lemminkäinen Eesti AS

  • Reconstructing the main entrance of Pärnu Kaubamajakas

    Client Lemminkäinen Eesti AS

  • Reconstructing Savi street (Pärnu)

    Ca 400 m curbstone
    Client Lemminkäinen Eesti AS

  • Reconstructing the school of Paikus (Pärnu)

    Ca 440 m2 pavement
    Ca 150 m curbstone
    Client Nurme Teedeehitus OÜ

  • Ammende Villa, Pärnu

    Stairs reovation

  • Tammiste - Rakvere highway reconstruction

    1100jm curbstone and  140m2 pavement
    Client Lemminkäinen Eesti AS